Valley Soil’s water audits and smart irrigation systems are no-brainers for businesses.

Maybe you’re trying to economize in light of the recession. Or maybe you’re striving for a greener image or even LEED certification. Whatever your reasons, Valley Soil has a long history of helping businesses like yours save water.

From your landscape irrigation system to your indoor plumbing and manufacturing processes, our goal is to make your business more efficient. We start with comprehensive outdoor and facility water audits, which give us a feel for your business and your current water use. We also look for hidden leaks.

We then follow up with retrofits that cut your water use and your utility bill. For example, we might install a smart irrigation system or high efficiency nozzles. Or we might provide water management services, in which we check your smart irrigation system seasonally to make sure it’s working optimally. Whatever the course of action, it’s great for your bottom line and the environment.

Our recommendations are individualized based on our first-hand knowledge of your business. This means we often come up with innovative water saving measures that might otherwise get overlooked.

For example, during a water audit of a Chinese restaurant, we noticed that the water running down the kitchen backsplash was immediately dumped into the drain. We proposed filtering and recycling that water instead—a minor change that has saved the restaurant owner hundreds of dollars each year.

It’s just one of the ways we work to make your business greener and more profitable.

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Save water and money with Valley Soil’s other services:


  • Pre-landscape consultations help you set up your irrigation the right way from the start


  • Water management services ensure that your smart irrigation system is working optimally


  • Grant and rebate research saves you time and money


  • Additional water saving strategies to fit your property and budget