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Valley Soil began in 2003, when a progressive water district in Southern California enlisted Eric L. Anderson—a landscape irrigation expert with 33 years of experience—to develop a cost-effective water conservation program. The district’s service area had experienced rapid residential growth, and that growth threatened its already limited water supply.

Valley Soil tackled the problem with a community-based approach. We offered free water audits to high water users. We then followed up by installing water saving devices, including smart irrigation systems, at little or no cost to the consumer.

The program was an overwhelming success. In fact, program participants had a reduced water demand that was seven times greater than that of non-participants.

The district also won much local and national recognition, including the prestigious 2007 Clair A. Hill Award for Excellence from the Association of California Water Agencies.

Since then, Valley Soil has implemented numerous water conservation programs in California, and other water districts have successfully modeled their programs on Valley Soil’s work.

We’ve performed over 8,700 water audits and evaluations, and installed over 3,500 weather-based irrigation controllers. In all, Valley Soil’s efforts save 170,855,852 gallons of water each yearenough to fill over 8,500 swimming pools.

Although we started with a focus on landscape irrigation, our services have expanded to include indoor water audits and retrofits. And we now work with customers of every size—from individual homeowners to municipalities. Whatever your needs, we create an individualized solution to fit your unique situation.

Valley Soil is a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA), and we encourage and fund further education and certification for all our staff. So you can trust us to be knowledgeable about the products we install and best practices in water conservation.

Plus, as a one-stop water conservation company, we go beyond smart irrigation systems. We offer data tracking, so you can measure and improve your water use efficiency. And we address consumers’ indoor res-com water use—including showers, toilets, faucets and leak detection. In other words, if it saves water, we do it.


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